Rowdy Coolers Order Form

Rowdy CoolersWe are super excited to announce that we will be the exclusive distributor in Greenbrier for Rowdy Coolers! These are not ordinary coolers, and they don’t come with that hefty price tag either!! There are 5 available colors! 
This cooler was designed with athletes in mind! It is rotomolded and insulated! You can hang this cooler directly on a fence, and it even comes with a molded cup holder in the center. The hooks will hold up to 100 lbs, ensuring that it will not fall off the fence. The coolers have two separate compartments that are 1 1/2 gallons each. The compartments come with fill lines at the one gallon mark. Each side also comes with air valves that allow you to adjust the flow of your beverages. This would be great for something hot on one side and cold on the other! The combinations for this are endless! You could use this for water, gatorade, liquid iv, punch, unsweet tea, sweet tea, and so on! This cooler does not only benefit athletes! It is great for parties, events, boats, camping, and much more! 
Pre-order yours today, as we will have limited stock in our lobby! We will have these available for pickup in March!! We will contact you as soon as they are ready for pickup. The available colors are white, red, blue, ocean blue, and red, white, and blue. We hope to have pink available in the near future! The solid colors are $149.99 and the RW&B is $159.99.